What You Have To Do – Step by Step

This is what you have to do if you want to start using The Prospect Farmer to get prospects and increase your sales:

1. Choose a strategy that makes sense to your business. To help you with this, we have some articles for each type of business:

2. Decide if you will use a coupon or a downloadable item (e-book, flyer, image, invitation, etc). The coupon you will have the opportunity to design it on our tool (it’s very easy). If you want to distribute an e-book or other type of media, you will have to create it and have it available to upload to our servers after the creation of your form (see next step). If you want some tips on how to create e-books and other downloadables itens, click here.

3. Create a form to get the prospect contact data and share a “freebie” (an e-book, digital brochure, coupon, etc. as discussed in the step 2). See how to create a form here;

4. Format a message that will be sent to the prospects right after they submit the form asking for your freebie. This message will contain the link for the downloadable item or coupon. This message is important to certify that the prospect are not using a fake e-mail just to get the freebie. See how to format the message here;

5. Format the header of the page that will be shown to the prospect after the submission of the contact data. See how to format the page header here;

6. Decide how you will use The Prospect Farmer form:

  • If you are going to put the form on your website, get the script code and paste inside the HTML of your page(s). To see how to do it, click here;
  • If your website or blog is in WordPress, you can use our WordPress Plugin to make easier to insert the form on your pages;
  • If you want to create a hotsite using our Page Tool, see here how to do it.

7. If your website/blog has an audience already, you will start to get prospects as soon as you put The Prospect Farmer form to work. If you decided to create a hotsite you must advertise the link to start to get visits and prospects. To get some great ideas on how to advertise your “freebie” and get tons of prospects, click here.

8. After you get your first prospects, you should start a relationship with them. It’s time to use our relationship tool. Learn here how to create and send messages to your prospects.

9. Start to sell. If you went through all the previous steps, start selling is just a matter of time. Read a short story of how it works in the real life.

Reap more prospects!