The Coupon, Message and Page Editor – How to Use it

The coupon, message and page editor is very easy to use. The first thing you have to know is that the editor works with ” content blocks”. These blocks are available at the right side vertical bar. To use one of the blocks all you have to do is drag and drop the block to the editor content area.


You can drag and drop any number of elements to use in your design.

To edit text, just click on the text you want to change. While you are editing the text, a tool bar will be available at the top of the editor. This tool bar has formating options.


To change the pictures, move the mouse over the image you want to change and an icon with a camera will be shown. Click on the camera to upload your new image. The other icon allows you to insert a link to a URL in the picture.


If you click on the “content block” a vertical tool bar will be shown on the left side of the block.


You can use this tool bar to:


Move the block. To use this feature, just hold down the left mouse button on the icon and drag to move the block to the desired position. It is only possible to move the block vertically.



This icon gives access to the source code (HTML) of the block. If you want to have access to all the page source code use the “View HTML” button.


duplicateblockThis icon duplicates the block.


deleteblockThis icon deletes the block.