Tips on How to Create e-Books, Coupons and Other Downloadable Items

One of the most important tasks to get prospects using our tool is to create something of value to your audience. This first contact is very important because you want to establish a relationship with your prospects. If you are real estate agent, consultant, plumber, electrician, lawyer, accountant or any other type of service provider, they must see you as a specialist on your field. If you sell goods, then you can offer a discount, promotion or, like the service providers, some useful information for your prospects. These are some ideas:

  • Real Estate Agents: e-book on what you have to pay attention when selling you house; a guide on how to get financing; a folder with detailed information about a house, apartment or project (photos, floor plans, etc);
  • Lawyer: e-book about what to do after an accident; a guide on how to evict a tenant;
  • Plumber: a guide on how to unclog a bathtub;
  • Electrician: a guide on how to save energy;
  • Consultants: invitation to a webinar about something related with their area of expertise (you can do it as a coupon).
  • Restaurants: a recipe of spare ribs; a coupon with a discount for a dinner of two; a coupon with a free beverage;
  • Shoe Store: a coupon with a discount for a second pair of shoes; a guide on how to store your shoes;
  • A Writer: e-book with the first chapters of his books;
  • Theme Parks: a map of the park attractions, shops and restaurants.

Now you should have a very good idea on what to create to give away to your prospects! Let’s see how to do it:

  • To create coupons or invitations to seminars/webinars, you can you our coupon design tool;
  • To create e-books or folders you have a lot of tools available. The simplest way is to create a PDF file with MS-WORD (or similar). All you have to do is create a document, insert texts, pictures, tables, etc and export it to a PDF file (this option is in the File menu of MS-WORD – Export/Create PDF/XPS Document). To see an example of a hotsite with a PDF file as a downloadable item, click here and fill the form.

Reap more prospects!