The Prospects – Managing Your Contacts

The dashboard shows statistics of  prospects made by period, so you can see how is the result of your campaigns in a simple and direct way.


Clicking on the button “prospects list” will take you to the list of registered prospects according to the chosen filter. If you click the link in the number of new prospects in the “Last 7 days,” only the records of the last 7 days will be shown. To clear a filter, simply click on the button “All Prospects” the right top of the prospect list.


To see the details of a prospect, click on the name or e-mail. The options in the upper right side of the screen allow you to perform the following operations:

Follow Up – Filters the list showing only the prospects that are with the flag of Follow Up expired, ie you scheduled to contact this prospect at some date/time future and this date/time passed.

Export to CSV (not available in the free plan) – Exports the entire list of prospects to a CSV file that can be opened in a text editor or as a spreadsheet in Excel.

New Prospect – Enables manual registration of a new prospect.

If you want to find a specific prospect, just put a part of the name or e-mail in the search field and The Prospect Farmer will find all the prospects that meet the search criteria.


By accessing the prospects form you can complete the prospect’s information, change data and save.

All prospects have a relationship history. This historic starts at registration and includes all prospect interactions with The Prospect Farmer, including relationship messages you have sent.



If there is a Follow Up scheduled, the date/time will be displayed just below the record and at the right side you have access to the buttons to schedule/change Follow Up and register notes about the prospect. The Notes allow you to record all interactions you have with the prospect, even when it is by phone or in person. So, when you talk to a prospect you know quickly what has been talked, proposed, etc.


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