The Message – How to Format the Message That is Sent With the “Gift”

For security reasons, we only deliver “gifts” to the prospects that have completed the “Prospect Capture Form”. This prevents:

  • Other people registering with third-party e-mails to receive the “gift”;
  • Users using fake emails to try to get the “gift” without proper identification.


The Message with the link for the “gift” is important for the prospects capture process, so you should take some care to format it. The Prospect Farmer offers a sample message that you can edit to create your own. An element that can not be left out of the message is the “shortcode” _GIFT_. This “shortcode” will be replaced by a unique and temporary link to download the prospect “gift”. The unique and temporary link prevents the prospect to has direct access to the file on our servers.

Do not forget to inform a nice “subject” to this message. It must makes sense to the prospect. Ideally, the subject should refer the campaign name, for example: “This is your e-book on How to Lose Weight in 10 Steps”.

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