The Gift – Drawing the Coupon or Sending Files to the Server

After saving the parameters of your form, you will be directed to the screen of “The Gift” that you will give in exchange for the user’s contact data. Depending on your choice on the form (Coupon or Media) you will have access to a different screen. In the case of the coupon, you can draw on our Coupon and Page editor:


Here’s how to use the features of the Coupon and Page editor.

For a digital “Gift” (eBook/images), just upload the file using the form. Enter a title and search for the file on your computer.



  • The maximum file size is 3MB. Unless you want to give the user an image in high resolution, a JPG or PNG file should be about 1MB maximum. You can use one of several free services available on the Internet to reduce the size of your images (just search on Google “reduce image size”). If you use Microsoft Outlook as an email client, you can also click with the right mouse button on the file name, select “Send To”, “Email Recipient” and indicate which size you want for the image. Outlook will reduce the image and insert it as an attachment in an e-mail. Just click on the file name that is in the mail, select “Save Attachment” or “Save As” and save the file with another name. For PDFs, if you use images in your e-books, you should reduce them before inserting in the document that will be transformed into PDF. You can also use the resources available in (use the  “Compress PDF” option).
  • Do not use third-party files without first making sure that the files have no viruses, Trojan horses or any content that is against the The Prospect Farmer publishing rules. Users who violate any of the rules will have their files removed from our server and are subject to having their account of The Prospect Farmer canceled without notice. Our system is set to scan all uploaded files, but does not inform the user of possible threats. It is your responsibility to ensure that the file is free from threats before uploading.
  • Do not use third-party content without authorization. The copyright infringement is also taken very seriously by our staff and users who violate our policies will have their accounts summarily removed from the system without prior notice.

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