The Code for the Form – How to Use the Script to Insert the Prospects Form on Your Site

For the prospects capture form to appear on your site, hotsite, blog, online store, etc., you will have to insert the script code in your HTML page. Some content management systems and e-commerce platforms allow you to insert codes directly into their management interfaces. For this, see the documentation for your content platform for more information.

To insert the code directly in HTML on your page, you should open the HTML code using a text editor / HTML or the “text” option of your content manager (on WordPress, for example, this option is on a tab in the corner top right of the HTML editor). Scroll to the bottom of the page / post and paste the The Prospect Farmer script code.


Select all the text in the box, press “Ctrl + C”, put the cursor in the HTML of your page and press “Ctrl + V”.

For WordPress websites or blogs, we recommend that you use our “WordPress Plugin“.

If the form does not appear correctly on your page, see the article “Problems and Solutions“.

The other option is to create a new page (the page will be hosted by The Prospect Farmer app). Use the button “Go to the Landing Pages Tool” to create a new page (see how here).

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