Strategy for Real Estate

It is easier to sell a property or get a new listing after establishing a positive relationship with your future customer. If you do not know how to get in touch with the people who visit your website or see your ads, then you may be losing a lot of sales. It’s like someone who goes into a store, quickly looks at the goods and leaves. If this person does not return to the store to buy, you missed the opportunity to talk to him, understand his needs and make the sale.

Now, imagine if you, in exchange for some benefit to the customer, could get the contact details of almost all those who visit the shop just to look? What do you think would happen after a few positive contacts with these prospects? What are the chances of them buying something from you?

Buying or selling a property is not simple. It is a decision that involves a number of risks and uncertainties. Anyone looking for a property to live or invest in wants to have the maximum possible information before making a purchase. The same is true to the ones that want to sell their houses. To take advantage of this need for “more information”, you must created a hotsite (a website with only one page) for each property being offered. It’s very easy to build a hotsite using our Page tool (learn how to do it here). These hotsites have basic information about the properties such as the size of the apartments, general features, amenities and some pictures (see a example here). To get the floor plans, project details, financing options and more detailed information, the visitors must request the complete folder using a form where they give away their contact data. It’s pretty easy to compile this information and create a PDF file to share with your prospects. If you don’t know how to create a PDF, learn how to do it using MS Word here.

Statistics show that 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact of the customer with the brand, service or product. To win the customer’s confidence and make the process easier, it is necessary to record all contacts made, the wants and needs of the client, and to maintain a constant and productive contact. To assist in this task, you can use The Prospect Farmer to facilitates the acquisition of the contact data, records all interactions with customers and schedule follow-ups. Any relationship with the prospect can be made through the system. It makes simple the task of constant contact, by sending personalized messages and giving total control to the agents involved in the process.

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