Strategy for Online Business (Websites, Portals, Blogs, E-Commerce, etc)

The old and good “Subscribe to our newsletter” no longer works. Most users have concerns about privacy issues or are afraid to receive a lot of junk in their mailboxes. The solution to get the contact information of your website or blog visitors is to offer something in exchange for the data. This is where The Prospect Farmer can help.

What you will you offer as “freebie” will depend on a number of factors such as your target audience, value of the prospect X cost of the freebie X conversion rate, investment capacity, ease of implementation, etc. The purpose of this article is not to discuss what the best type of gift to your audience, but give some ideas of what can be done to ensure good results. For this, we give a few examples:

  • An e-commerce that sells vitamins may offer an e-book with health care tips;
  • A fashion blog can offer an e-book on combination of colors for your wardrobe;
  • An online cosmetic store can offer an e-book with makeup tips;
  • An electronic e-commerce can offer a discount coupon;
  • A webdesigner company can offer an e-book on how to promote a website on Google.

Most of the above suggestions require little or no investment for the creation/production of the “freebie”. If you sell luxury goods or high value-added products/services, you can offer something even more valuable to your prospects. Everything will depend on how much you are willing to pay for the contact details that can turn your visitors into customers in the future.

After capturing the contact details, you should start the relationship phase. The frequency of relationship messages will depend on your type of business and the will of your public to receive messages by email, but generally we recommend sending one message every 15 days. The relationship messages should be useful to the user, in other words, it should bring relevant information about your products/services, promotions, news of interest of your audience, etc. The constant, positive relationship with your prospects will significantly increase your sales and profits.

Next steps:

  1. Define what will be their “toast”;
  2. Create a form in The Prospect Farmer;
  3. Use the Prospect The Farmer code to create the form on your website, blog or online store;
  4. Spread the promotion to your audience;
  5. Use the relationship tool of The Prospect Farmer to start a productive relationship with your prospects.
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