Strategy for Offline Business (Stores, Restaurants, Services, etc)

If you have a business that deal with your audience face to face, as a store or restaurant for example, you can use the The Prospect Farmer to strengthen your relationship with those who visit your establishment. Simply ask people to provide their contact details hardly works, because most do not want to waste time or have concerns about privacy issues. The solution is to offer something in exchange for the information and that’s where The Prospect Farmer can help.

The first step in implementing the strategy is the creation of a hot site (website with specific objective, in this case your campaign). The hotsite can consist of a single page or can even be an internal page of your current website, provided that the user can be taken directly to the page without having to go through your home page or any other page of your site. Ideally, the hot site/page must has a simple address and that makes sense. Something like or In this hot site/page you will have only the basic information of your campaign (what the user wins by providing his contact information) and a form of The Prospect Farmer for data capture and delivery of the “freebie” (more on freebies below).

The second element of your offline campaign should be a card containing an ad to promote the campaign, a call to action with the address of the hot site and, if possible, a QRCode which leads directly to the campaign hot site. If you do not know what is a QRCode, it is a special barcode able to store various types of information such as the link to your hot site, for example. Most smartphones and tablets are able to read the QRCodes (requires an application, but most of the users already use the technology). The designer that will make your flyers/cards probably knows how to create your QRCode without problems, but if you are going for a homemade solution, search Google for “How to Generate a QRCode”. That will produce dozens of sites for free and easy generation of QRCodes . The most important is that you test the QRCode while in the designing phase to avoid the risk of printing thousands of flyers/cards with the wrong or dead code. Below is an example of a promotional card that uses the technology:

Promotional Card

What will you offer as “freebie” will depend on a number of factors such as target audience, value of the prospect X cost of the freebie X conversion rate, investment capacity, ease of implementation, etc. The purpose of this article is not to discuss what is the best type of gift for your audience, but to give some ideas of what can be done to ensure good results. For this, we give a few examples:

  • A coffee shop can offer a free coffee for those who access the hot site and fill your data;
  • A restaurant can give a discount coupon for a future meal;
  • A cosmetics shop can offer an e-book with makeup tips;
  • A gym can create an e-book on healthy eating;
  • A machine shop can offer a coupon for free review of the brake system.

Most of the above suggestions require little or no investment for the creation/production of the “freebie”. If you sell luxury goods or high value-added products or services you can offer something even more valuable to your prospects. Everything will depend on how much you are willing to pay for the contact details that can turn your visitors into customers in the future.

The third element of his campaign is the relationship with those who accepted your gift and reported the contact data on your hot site. The frequency of the relationship messages will depend on your type of business and the will of your audience to receive messages by email, but generally we recommend sending one message every 15 days. The relationship messages should be useful to the user, in other words, should bring relevant information about your products/services, promotions, news of interest of your audience, etc. The constant, positive relationship with your prospects will significantly increase your sales and profits.

Next steps:

  1. Define what will be your “freebie”;
  2. Create a form in The Prospect Farmer;
  3. Use the Prospect The Farmer code to create the form on your hot site/page promotion;
  4. Spread the promotion to your audience. If you do ads in magazines/newspapers, be sure to include a link to the promotion;
  5. Use the relationship tool of The Prospect Farmer to start a productive relationship with your prospects.

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