Problems and Solutions

The form does is not showing

In some cases the form of The Prospect Farmer may not show on your page. If this problem occurs to you, try the following solutions:

Verify that you have copied the code provided by The Prospect Farmer. This code is available on the “get the code for publishing the form on your website” and will look something like this one:

<!–Start of The Prospect Farmer Script–>
<script src=’′></script>
<script type=’text/javascript’>theprospectfarmer.fn.ready(function() {tpfBoxShow();});</script>
<!–End of The Prospect Farmer Script–>

Make sure that the code for the form is inserted in your page’s HTML exactly as it was generated by The Farmer Prospect. Some publishing systems like WordPress, for example, can transform HTML tags (primarily the <script> tag) in clean code as text to the user, making the code above to stay this way after you save the page / post:

&lt;!–Start of The Prospect Farmer Script–&gt;
&lt;script src=’;frm=106’&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
&lt;script type=’text/javascript’&gt;theprospectfarmer.fn.ready(function() {tpfBoxShow();});&lt;/script&gt;
&lt;!–End of The Prospect Farmer Script–&gt;

This code will not work. The solution is to use the “pure” text tool or “pure” HTML of your content manager. Another way to do this is to put the code directly in the header of the page. In the case of WordPress this code should be in the header.php file of your theme. For WordPress you can also use our WordPress plugin. But beware: only edit the files of your website if you know what are you’re doing, otherwise you can take the website offline. If you have trouble, ask for help to a webmaster or someone with knowledge of HTML.

Make sure that there is only one The Prospect Farmer code on the same page. You can not have more than one form of The Prospect Farmer on the same page.

It might be a Javascript conflict with another script on your page. This is the least likely scenario, but it is possible. To detect this problem, access the console of your browser and make sure there is no javascript errors when the browser loads the page. The console can usually be accessed by pressing “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “J” simultaneously. If it doesn’t work in your browser, see your browser’s documentation to find out how to access the console. If you can not find the problem, please contact us and pass the address of the page where the error occurs so we can investigate.


The form has not integrated on the page, but is showing as a floating window.

In this case, you probably did not mark the “Embedded” option in the parameter “position” during the construction of the form. To correct, change the form and take the code again to insert into your page, replacing the previous code.

IMPORTANT: if you had used the code for a floating box and changed the display type to embedded, you must update the The Prospect Farmer script in your page HTML with the new code generated by the app.


The integrated form appears out of place on your page

The integrated form will appear in the exact place where you paste the The Prospect Farmer code. There may be some layout problem because of the style sheets (CSS) used on your site. In this case, you will have to check what is causing the form to be out of place or unformatted. If you own CSS knowledge you can try to change the style properties for the element that contains the form: <div id = ‘tpf_box’> </ div>.

The first step, however, is to verify that you pasted the The Prospect Farmer code in the correct location of your page.