Meet John – The Real Estate Agent



I want you to meet John. John is a Real Estate agent and he is in pain. He spent money to print flyers, run ads on the local newspapers, but nothing happened. At this very moment he is wondering how to get more prospects or, at least, work with the few ones that replied to his ads, so he can sell more houses. John wants to attract the attention of people in a world of distractions. He realizes people wants everything to be fast, affordable and of reasonable quality. He knows people want to do business with someone they trust.

John starts to use The Prospect Farmer and rebuilt his campaign. He now offers an e-book about tips for new home buyers. The e-book is a starting point for John to build a trusted relationship with his prospects, converting them into customers.

Building the website and setting up the form to capture the prospect information, (S6) took John less than 30 minutes.

John now uses The Prospect Farmer Relationship tool to send a weekly newsletter with information about the local Real Estate market and a list of featured houses. The prospects now see John as an expert in the local real estate market. When they are ready to buy or sell a house, they will go to John for advice.

Real Estate agents are fiercely competing for customers. Our tool gives them a good competitive advantage. John is just an example, but today we have some real success stories with real agents who use our tools to increase their sales.

Be a Prospect Farmer You Too!