How to Create a Page to Attract Visitors

If you don’t have a website, a blog or want to create an exclusive page for your offer (which is highly recommended), you can use the “Pages” tool.


To create a new page, click on the “Create new page” button and choose a template:



Enter a title to your page (this title will be used as a real page title, so be smart about it).

Select the Form that will be linked with this page.

Edit the layout as you wish (to learn how to use the Coupon and Page Editor, click here).


After you are satisfied with your layout, click on the “Save & Publish” button.

If you link your page with an embedded form, the “form icon” will show where the form will be positioned. If you’re using a floating form,  you should not use a block with the form icon on your layout.



On the Publisher page, you can choose the domain and the address (URL) of your new page. Just type a word like “freebie”, “special” or something like “get-your-ebook”. No special characters or spaces are allowed here. Click the “Check Availability” button to see if the URL is not being used by another user.


If you want to use a name, but it’s not available on the default domain (, you can try the other domains.

Your final URL will be shown to you right above the “Publish” button. After you publish your page, you can use the “Open page in new window” button to load your new page on a new window. Save the page URL and use it to advertise your offer/promotion.

Tip: Use a QR Code with the URL address of your promotional page on your cards, flyers and other printed promotional items.

Tip: If you want to use your own domain to publish your landing page, you can create a “URL Redirection” entry on your DNS Registry pointing to the URL of the page on our server. If you don’t know how, ask your hosting provider to do it for you.

Watch a video on How To Create and Publish a Landing Page.