How to Advertise Your Hotsite, Coupons and Downloadable Items

You find The Prospect Farmer, create your first form and start to check the dashboard every five minutes to see how many prospects you got… and the result is thousands! Easy, right? Yes if you do one or more of these things:

  • Display the link for the page or hotsite where The Prospect Farmer form is available in your Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, E-mail Signature, Business Card, Flyers, Banners, Ads, etc.
  • Use e-mail marketing, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and other ways to advertise your hotsite/page;
  • Ask everyone that you know to help you to advertise the great e-book on “How to Get Rich” that you created to get prospects for your financial services company;
  • Include the link on every communication and promotional material of your products/services. Include a QR code to facilitate access to smartphone users. Examples:


Promotional Card