Example 4

This is an example of using the floating form with animation effects and an image instead of the title. To achieve this effect, choose the “Title type” “Image” and enter the URL (link) of the image. You can choose a picture from the Internet and put the link to it, select an image from The Prospect Farmer gallery or, if you want to host the image on The Prospect Farmer, just upload using the “upload your image” button. Then go to the “Animation” tab and select the desired effects.


  1. Even if you decide to use an image as title, enter a compelling title. The text will appear when the user hovers the mouse over the image;
  2. To have a form such as this example, without borders or text around the image, choose a theme “Modern” and select “Discreet” in “Display Format” option;
  3. Use an image with transparent background for a better effect.
    The code generated by The Prospect Farmer to be included in this page is below:<!–Start of The Prospect Farmer Script–>
    <script src=’https://app.theprospectfarmer.com/tpfbox?key=PXL0R16LHH0VFCVE54N4&frm=142′></script>
    <script type=’text/javascript’>theprospectfarmer.fn.ready(function() {tpfBoxShow();});</script>
    <!–End of The Prospect Farmer Script–>