Example 2

This is an example of using the embedded form on the page fully open (you can also use the form with the fields hidden – first stage).

The code generated by The Prospect Farmer to be included in this page is below:

<div id=’tpf_box’></div><!–Start of The Prospect Farmer Script–>
<script src=’http://app.theprospectfarmer.com/tpfbox?key=PXL0R16LHHOVFCVES4N4&frm=112′></script>
<script type=’text/javascript’>theprospectfarmer.fn.ready(function() {tpfBoxShow();});</script>
<!–End of The Prospect Farmer Script–>

As you can see, the form becomes part of the page layout and scrolls along with the content if the page has more content.